Chateau de l’Eperviere

Set in the grounds of a beautiful 16th century Chateau, Chateau de l’Eperviere campsite is a small but very well equipped campsite.

Chateau de l'Eperviere

As it’s located only 16km from the main A6 autoroute de Soleil, many holidaymakers use it as a stop over location on their way to the south of France. However, this should not be the only reason to stay on this lovely campsite.

Chateau de l’Eperviere campsite has a jacuzzi, sauna, whirlpool, 3 pools, which cater for families with children of all ages and the onsite activities and facilities are also quite impressive.

Furthermore, there’s a lake on site and a river nearby which are perfect for fishing and there’s also plenty of outdoor space for children to run around in. The other main reason for staying here is to explore the surrounding countryside, because Burgundy has some of the finest in France.

Campsite Lake

Hire a bike or take a walk through the rolling countryside filled with rows upon rows of vineyards or why not try a wine tasting session and explore the real Burgundy.

Distance to the campsite:

  • Zeebrugge: 666km
  • Caen Ouistreham: 595km
  • Calais: 650km
  • Dieppe: 553km
  • Le Havre: 556km
  • Oostende: 668km
  • St Malo: 690km
  • Roscoff: 876km

Things to see near to Chateau de l’Eperviere

Whilst staying at Chateau de l’Eperviere campsite why not find out what the local area has to offer. Exploring nearby towns and places of interest is a great way of making the most of your holiday in France.


Dijon is a wonderful city which lies approximately 90km to the north of Chateau de l’Eperviere campsite. The city centre of Dijon is one of the most splendid in all France, with everything from gothic churches like the magnificent 13th century Notre Dame to the narrow cobbled streets of the old merchant’s quarter.
Dijon has always been of importance with the earliest archeological finds dating back to neolithic times. As time went on the Roman empire settled in Dijon and then the Dukes of Burgundy made their home here between the 11th and 15th Centuries which led to some of the more impressive buildings in the city.


Besancon lies approximately 130km to the northeast of Chateau de l’Eperviere and although some distance away we believe it’s a city well worth visiting. The city has lots of history and culture and boasts one of the most wonderful and beautiful historic centers of any major city in France.

Romans remains are still visible today including the Porte Noire which is a 2nd century arch at the foot of the citadel hill and the Square Castan which is semi-circular amphitheater.

There are a whole host of other places to see and visit at Besancon, including Vauban’s citadel which sits on a hillside above the city and boasts an elaborate system of fortifications.

Grottes de Blanot

The Grottes de Blanot are a group of magical caves found by Doctor Dumolin in 1739. The caves lie 35km to the southwest of Chateau de l’Eperviere and are well worth the visit if you have time to do so.

A tour is available for visitors that starts in a massive sloping cave which moves on, into a large chasm complete with stream. The journey continues through some small cave systems offering you the chance to see a variety of formations.

Visitors to the caves can also see some of the artefacts that have been found including flint tools from the Mousterian era and various animal remains.

Touroparc Zoo

Touroparc Zoo can be found 65km to the south of Chateau de L’Eperviere and offers a great family day out.

More than just a zoo Touroparc offers visitors over 800 animals from 140 different species along with a variety of Free attractions. Animals at the zoo include white tigers, red pandas, hippopotami, tortoises, monkeys, giraffes and many more.

Attractions at Touroparc are nature based but include a high ropes course, a train, monorail, carousel, Beaujolais Village, museum and during the summer, a water park with several great water slides. Finally the best thing about Touroparc is the fact that all attractions are free of charge once you’ve entered the parc.