Domaine de Massereau

Domaine de Massereau is a small yet wonderful, family run campsite which is in the south of France near to Sommieres, between Montpellier and Nimes.

Domaine de Massereau

Unlike some of the other campsites in the Languedoc and Roussillon regions of France, Domaine de Massereau occupies a wonderful countryside location within the grounds of a wine producing Chateau where you can tour the vineyard and more importantly, sample the wine!

Why we recommend booking Domaine de Massereau:

  • Wonderful countryside location.
  • Great range of activities.
  • Excellent pool complex.
  • Plenty of outside space to explore.
  • Near to Montpellier.

Domaine de Massereau is a member of the “Castels” chain of campsites and as you’d expect therefore boasts a comprehensive range of activities and facilities including trampolines, pony rides and a whole range of different sports.

The swimming pool complex at Domaine de Massereau provides the perfect place to relax or have fun featuring slides, 3 swimming pools, a sauna, spa and jacuzzi.

One of the great things about Domaine de Massereau as we’ve already said is it’s countryside location. There’s plenty of space for you to get out and explore the surrounding area and there’s even a purpose built cycle track which runs alongside the campsite and allows you to explore much of the countryside around you.

If you are planning on getting out and about, make sure you visit the nearby town of Sommieres. It’s very pretty, filled with history and a great place to visit for either shopping or to just sit down and relax at one of the many pretty cafes or restaurants and watch the world go by.

Distance to Domaine de Massereau campsite:

  • Zeebrugge: 1045km
  • Caen Ouistreham: 881km
  • Calais: 1034km
  • Dieppe: 922km
  • Le Havre: 887km
  • Oostende: 1047km
  • St Malo: 952km
  • Roscoff: 1109km
  • Santander: 806km
  • Bilbao: 708km

Things to see near to Domaine de Massereau

Whilst staying at Domaine de Massereau campsite why not find out what the local area has to offer. Exploring nearby towns and places of interest is a great way of making the most of your holiday in France.


The Roman amphitheatre, which is still used today, is the most complete Roman amphitheatre of it’s kind in the world. Having stood for over 200 years this wonderful building would have held around 24000 spectators in it’s day all of whom came to watch the games with chariots and gladiators.
The other impressive Roman building in Nimes is the Roman Temple which is the last of it’s type still to be standing in the whole world. Nimes also boast some very good museums, shops, bars, galleries and restaurants all of which are very popular with visitors to this fine city.


Montpellier lies just 32km to the southwest of Domaine de Massereau and is well worth visiting. This vibrant city is one of the largest cities in the whole of France. Lying along the south coast of France, Montpellier dates back to medieval times and features a variety of architecture which dates from this important period in time. The impressive university ensures that the city not only keeps it’s heritage but also benefits from having a great deal of modern shops, bars and restaurants to cater for all ages.
The 17th Century Promenade de Peyrou offers some great views along with the Chateau d’Eau at it’s far end, where water used to enter the city along the St Clement aqueduct.
The city’s main attraction is it’s Place de la Comedie. This wide, oval town square has lots of pleasant places where you can sit and enjoy some of the local delicacies whilst you relax and watch the world go by.


Although Millau lies some distance away from Domaine de Massereau it is quite popular with tourists. The town is very beautiful and is located at the junction of the Dourbie and Tarn rivers.
The original settlement at Millau was located within the hills and dates back over 3000 years and was relocated to it’s current location in the 1st or 2nd century BC.
There are many interesting and historical places to visit in and around Millau. Some of these include the Beffroi, a 12th century belfry that is topped with an octagonal tower which was constructed in the 17th century and the 13th century Passage du Pozous which is a fortified gateway.
One of the most popular reasons to visit Millau is it’s viaduct which was opened in 2004. Although fairly new this monstrous bridge is the worlds highest road bridge and attracts visitors from around the world. A visit to the viaduct is well worth the time, however, please note that a toll is payable on crossing.

Aigues Mortes

Aigues Mortes is just 29km to the south and we highly recommend you take the time to visit it. This wonderful city was constructed in the 13th Century and is highly fortified. The city once stood much closer to the sea than it does today. However, unfortunately over time the surrounding area became clogged with silt and the city was stranded. The cities ramparts hold inside a great deal of historical buildings and monuments. A visit to the city must include seeing the stunning ramparts, the Tower of Constance, the Saint Louis square and the church of Notre Damn des Sablons. Within the streets of the city you’ll also be able to discover some interesting architecture along with a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants.